Tips for Picking Up Employee Morale

We voted as a board to repair the driveway that leads into our building. We had the meeting this morning, and it was my idea, so I am excited to see how this affects everybody’s morale when the changes take place. We have owned this building for two years, and we share the parking structure with another company, so we have had some debates over whose responsibility it should be to make repairs on the driveway that leads to the buildings. Today was the day that we finally met and decided that it was worth taking charge of the situation.

I was able to convince the board members to vote on my idea when I came up with a resolution to get the other company involved. The other company is an auto parts dealer, so they are typically driving large container trucks into the parking structure. I thought it would be in their best interest to have a secure parking structure. They wouldn’t agree to pay for the path leading to the parking structure, but they did agree to pay to repair the electronic fence that keeps our structure safe from outsiders. This compromise meant a lot to the members of our board when they voted on the decision to repair the pathway today.

It takes a lot of work to get these types of decisions passed. Our board members are stingy with the budget regulations because we are operating at full capacity. We don’t want to have to lay off anyone in the next quarter, but the sales reports have been less than promising lately. We aren’t growing our business the same way that we once were. I’m hoping that strengthening morale will be enough of a kick to start up those engines once again. We were doing fine in the sales department last year, so it would be wonderful to return to that stride.

The new parking situation will change up where employees will park their vehicles in the next few weeks. It won’t take long to make these changes, but I am anticipating two to three weeks of renovations to the parking lot’s pathway. The ground leading to the parking structure is made of dirt, and there are enormous parts of the path that have been eroded due to rainfall in our area. The path needs to be repaired because people are having trouble getting in and out of our parking structure. It takes up to ten minutes to leave the parking lot each day. I’m hoping that some gravel puyallup wa. will be the solution we’re looking for that will change our spirits. We have a great team, so I know we can turn our sales around.

There are a few other improvements we’re planning that will boost morale. We’re installing new vending machines in the lobby, and we’re using a new company for cleaning services. We’re excited to see which of our changes has the most effect upon workflow, performance, and overall morale of our employees.